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Have you seen a dog riding a Harley-Davidson wearing a helmet and goggles? I started riding in 2008, and I rode across America in May 2011 in honor and remembrance of our Fallen Heroes. Most people smile when they see me or my biker doggie friends in other states and cities.

Feel free to sniff around my website. I'm Chewy, a border-collie mix. I ride a Harley and I sit in a special seat behind my driver, not in a sidecar. I weigh about 60 pounds, so I may be larger than most dogs riding two-up on a motorcycle.

You can read more of my story in "About Me", check out my pictures and videos in my Gallery, and see other cool stuff in my website, such as my occassional articles and trip reports in the Other Stuff section.

When we travel and people see my driver's shirts, we're asked where we bought them. Thanks to friends at Wake Technical Community College, I have an online store that launched on April 21, 2012. I'll slowly add stuff over time. Please sniff in my store by clicking the "My Store" button.

I live near a North Carolina small town called Kipling, between Fuquay-Varina and Lillington. For those who aren't from the area, it's about 35-40 minutes south of Raleigh in Harnett County.

I enjoy grocery shopping at PetSmart, where I like riding in the shopping cart to sniff out things for my driver to put in the cart with me.

If you see me, I'm friendly. You can pet me, and I do sometimes lick the hand that pets me.

My driver and I are amateurs at building and maintaining a website, so please do not expect fancy web page stuff on my site. If you get lost sniffing around, click on one of my paw prints and it will always bring you home -- to my home page, that is.

If you want to connect on Facebook, follow the Facebook link and click the "Like" button. Please tell your friends about me.

Maybe someday we will get a chance to meet. In addition to supporting a number of non-profit organizations and attending missions honoring our Fallen Heroes and veterans, we occassionally speak at churches, organizational meetings and one time we went to a school to meet some cool kids! If you want my driver and me to "brief" your organization about what we do, send my driver or me an email and we'll see what we can work out. Our preference is to stay within driving distance (about 2-3 hours) from our home in North Carolina.

Keep your tongue in the wind!
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I rode across the
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