An American mutt riding across America
In May 2011, my driver and I will be riding across America.

     (1) Bring glory to God
     (2) With the upcoming Memorial Day, honor and remember our Fallen Heroes
     (3) Pray for the safety of our men and women in uniform

Why May? Our journey will begin after Passover and end before Memorial Day. Lives were sacrificed for you. God gave His only Son so that you could have eternal life if you believe in His Son. Men and women sacrificed their lives for your freedom. Memorial Day was established to honor and remember those who gave their lives in service to our country.

I will be riding with a roster of American military men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we are riding for all who sacrificed while serving. Click the "Fallen Heroes" button for a roster.

After reaching the west, I will bring that roster to The Wall (Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC) to honor our current generation of Fallen Heroes and our Fallen Heroes from the Vietnam War.

I will be riding with my white Gold Star bandana in honor of all Fallen Heroes and
their families.

I am experimenting with creating a video travel blog for this ride so you can
keep up with my mission on my website and on Facebook.

My driver has time for this mission because he is among the ranks of the millions
of unemployed Americans who are actively seeking employment and who want to work. *
Although unemployed, my mom and my driver make sacrifices to keep me in the saddle so I can continue honoring our Fallen Heroes, Wounded Warriors, those serving now, and those who served. Family and friends will be staying with my mom, so she will have plenty of company while I'm gone.

You can be part of this mission by doing one or any of the following:
     (1) Pray for the families of our Fallen Heroes
     (2) Pray for our military men and women and our allies
     (3) Pray for our safe journey
     (4) Meet us along our route
     (5) Ride with us on all or part of our journey (any brand of motorcycle or car)
     (6) Tell your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and co-workers about us
     (7) Sponsor us. If interested in sponsoring us, click the "Sponsor Me" button to learn how.
     (8) Donate to one of the many organizations we support and tell 'em I recommended them to you.**

In addition to the roster of our Fallen Heroes, I will also have four flags:

     (1) Folded United States Flag

     (2) Christian Flag
     (3) Patriot Guard Riders Flag
            Anyone who honors, respects, and remembers our Fallen Heroes,
            those serving now, and those who served may sign this flag.

     (4) Honor and Remember Flag
            Signing the Honor and Remember Flag is reserved for Gold Star Mothers,
            Gold Star Fathers, Gold Star Siblings, Gold Star Spouses, and Gold Star Children.

Although I am a Patriot Guard Rider (PGR), this is NOT a PGR mission. This is a tribute ride in which others may ride with us, join us in spirit, or sponsor us. There are no state borders when it comes to honor, respect and remembrance.

God Bless America, our Fallen Heroes, Gold Star Families, Wounded Warriors, those serving now, those who served, their families, and our allies.
Bringing SMILES to faces
Put Your Tongue in the Wind
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If you're interested in considering my driver for employment, you can view his LinkedIn profile.
Although his civilian background is Human Resources, he could be a fit for other roles.
If you want a copy of his resume, you can contact him at
Photo by David Cantara of
on an American motorcycle driven by an American veteran
in honor and remembrance of our American Fallen Heroes.
Below are a few of the organizations we like or support. Please support them, too.
(This does not mean or imply that these organizations endorse us or sponsor us. It only means we like 'em or support their efforts.)
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My driver and I listen to the MeanStreet Riders a lot.

Great tunes and down-to-earth people!

Sniff around their website, find 'em on Facebook, and check out a few of their songs.
Sniff around the website and check out the TV Show's Official Trailer.
You'll see me at 0:43
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There are lots of great dealerships around the world. Ray Price H-D is my dealer of choice. I'm welcomed there by Ray, Ms Jean, their staff, and Raleigh H.O.G.