Bringing SMILES to faces
Put Your Tongue in the Wind
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If you ride with my driver and me, then you already know that we take lots of pictures and we create tribute videos.

We have been experimenting with creating chronological videos to share our rides. These videos will not have music. The purpose is to summarize our trip for the day.

My driver has also been learning to link my website with my Facebook Fan Page. It's been slow, but we've been making progress. We're amateurs at this website and Facebook stuff.

Each night during our mission, we will try to post updates in this section, assuming we have internet connectivity in the hotels. If we can't access the internet, I'll give my mom a bark and ask her to provide a brief update in my Facebook Fan Page.

During the day, our focus will be driving, so we will not be providing updates during the day.
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Rode to Oak Island. Brunswick Air flew me along a portion of the Atlantic Coast.
We stayed in Raleigh to attend the Flight of Honor at Raleigh/Durham Airport.
Lillington, NC to Maggie Valley, NC. We stayed at the Smoky Mountain Lodge and ate at Smackers.
Maggie Valley, NC to Columbus, GA. We stayed with my driver's brother and mother.
Columbus, GA to Destin, FL. We attended the photo shoot with the MeanStreet Riders.
Destin, FL to Marshall, TX. This was about a 700-mile day. We also visited the USS Alabama in Mobile.
We spent the day in Marshall, TX to visit with Thomas' family and clean our bikes.
Marshall, TX to Amarillo, TX. We visited Strokers in Dallas.
Amarillo, TX to Farmington, NM. We had 60mph headwinds!
Farmington, NM to Prescott Valley, AZ via Four Corners, Monument Valley, Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, and Jerome.
Prescott Valley, AZ to Irvine, CA. We stopped at Grand Canyon H-D in Mayer, AZ where Larry Olsen arranged to replace our rear tire.
Irvine, CA to Davis, CA, via Manhattan Beach (our Pacific coast destination) and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
Davis, CA to Ely, NV. We ran into heavy snow showers east of Sacramento.
Ely, NV to Rifle, Co. We rode on Route 50, the Loneliest Road in America
Rifle, CO to North Platte, NE
North Platte, NC to Carroll, IA. Thanks to the Browns and Ruchtis for your pawspitality.
Carroll, IA to Lafayette, IN via Chicago (Lake Michigan). Thanks to H-D of Chicago and Chicago's Channel 7 news (ABC)
Lafayette, IN to Maggie Valley, NC. Smoky Mountain Lodge and Smackers!!
Maggie Valley, NC to Harnett County Veterans Memorial, Lillington, NC
Our trip odometer read 7,927 miles