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McClamrock, James - USA (Memorial Service)
My driver is a disabled veteran. Although we are not members, we participate in missions and events with Rolling Thunder, Combat Veterans Motorcyclists Association, Patriot Guard and other organizations to honor our military, veterans, POWs (Prisoners of War), MIAs (Missing in Action), and KIAs (Killed in Action). We do not always make tribute videos for every mission or event, but when we do, we make every effort to create a respectful tribute.
Carver, Ross - USMC (Escort to Funeral Home)
Charlie Mike Memorial Ride, August 2010
The above is a photograph of a painting by Mary Tweedy called "Wings & Thunder." My driver worked with Mary's son, Jeff. Mary painted this for my driver in 2008 in honor of his military service and for what my driver does to honor our military service members and veterans. As you can see, Mary painted my Harley-Davidson in the lower right of the painting. This is a beautiful painting and we were blessed that it was painted for my driver and me.
Jeffries, Tyler - USA - Wounded Warrior
Bringing SMILES to faces
Put Your Tongue in the Wind
McClamrock, James - USA (Funeral)
Lost Heroes Art Quilt, March 2010
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Blue to Gold Memorial Service, October 2010
Contains a special music widget from the MeanStreet Riders
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Veterans Day Service, Lillington, NC, November 11, 2010
Dutmer, Nathan - USA (Escort to Funeral Home)
Dutmer, Nathan - USA (Funeral)
Wounded Warrior Escort, Fayetteville to Bladenboro (NC), December 4, 2010
Chaney, James - USA (Funeral)
Wreaths Across America, Sandhills National Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC, December 11, 2010
McLawhorn, Willie - USA (Funeral)
de la Cruz, Angel - USA (Funeral)
XVIII Airborne Corps, Operation New Dawn, January 15, 2011
Perry, Ben - USA (Funeral)
XVIII Airborne Corps, Operation New Dawn, January 19, 2011
XVIII Airborne Corps, Operation New Dawn, January 22, 2011
Bullock-Sinkler, Amy Renee - USA (Funeral)
Yannone, Curtis "Kiki" - USMC & NCNG (Funeral)
Davenport, Lyle - USN (Funeral)
Rumppe, Donald - USA (Funeral)
Bailey, Linard B. - USA (Funeral)
Barker, Clyde - USA (Funeral)
Buckles, Frank - USA (Funeral)
Blue to Gold Memorial Service, March 19, 2011
The Wall That Heals, Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall, March 29, 2011
Died while serving her/his country
Wounded Warrior
Killed in Action or died of wounds received in action
McLawhon, William - USMC (Funeral)
Graff, James H. - USAF (MIA/KIA Vietnam in 1966 - Remains returned home on 2 June 2011)
Bradley, Mark A. - USMC (Memorial Service)
Wilson, Mark - USA (Funeral)
Ride Across America - May 2011 - Short version featuring "High on the Hog" - July 29, 2011
Ride Across America - May 2011 - Featuring 7 Songs from the MeanStreet Riders - August 1, 2011
Charlie Mike Memorial Ride, August 2011
2011 Christmas Tribute Video to our Military - Featuring a tribute song by the MeanStreet Riders
Wreaths Across America and a Special Wreath Ceremony for our Heroes, December 10, 2011
Levy, Christopher PJ "Jacob" - USMC (Escort to Funeral Home and Funeral)
Ride Across the USA in Honor and Remembrance of Fallen Heros, May 2011 - Web pages
Gober, Jerry - USA (Funeral)
Elliott, Lucas - USA (Memorial Service)
McCollum, Robert E. - USMC (Memorial Service)
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Sherer, Jeffrey - USA (Candle Light Memorial Service)
Spearman, Leon - Vietnam Veteran (Memorial Service)
Harrison, Calvin - USA (Flags for Fallen Military)
Farley, Scott - USAF (Funeral)
Lyle Davenport Memorial Ride, February 18, 2012
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Booker, James F. - USA (Funeral)
Pate, EJ - USMC (Memorial Service)
Hurt, Gifford "G.J." - USA (Flags for Fallen Military)
Badgley, Scott G. - USMC (Flags for Fallen Military)
Williams, Ed - USA & NCANG (Celebration of Life)
Cantrell, Edward - USA (Memorial Service)
Blasjo, Aaron J. - USA (Funeral)
Webb, Jeffrey - USMC (Flags for Fallen Military)
Jewell, Steven - USA (Flags for Fallen Military)
Charlie Mike III, August 3-4, 2012
Johnson, Donna - USA (Funeral)
Remsburg, Cory - USA - Wounded Warrior
Hendrix, Rudy - USAF (Wake & Funeral)