Bringing SMILES to faces
Put Your Tongue in the Wind
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Our tentative route as of April 28, 2011 - subject to change before or during the mission.
My driver will update the map (above) and the calendar (below) before our departure and as we travel.

My driver and I will start at the Harnett County Veterans Memorial, Lillington, North Carolina. Time is to be determined

If you want to join us for a portion of the mission, the best location is the Welcome Center (Rest Area) as we enter your state or along the interstate or highway. My driver will try to identify possible Harley-Davidson dealerships that we might visit, if they allow biker dogs. (Not all dealerships allow dogs, even if they ride a Harley.) If bikers dogs aren't allowed, we'll snap a few pics, and move on.

We will try to provide the following day's estimated stops, post in my Travel Blog page, and post the link on Facebook. For example, when we arrive at a hotel in New Mexico on May 11 (estimated), my driver will estimate our stops along the route to Arizona, post it on my Travel Blog page of May 12, and post a link in Facebook -- all this assuming we have internet connectivity, of course. This may allow people to meet us, but it also allows link-up points in the event a rider pulls over, for example, to take a quick bladder break. If we are successful at this, we will only be able to estimate arrival at locations as early morning, late morning, early afternoon, or late afternoon.

For personal safety, we do not plan to disclose our hotels until after we check out.
Subject to change