Bringing SMILES to faces
Put Your Tongue in the Wind
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There are several ways you can support me, my driver, and those riding with us for the entire mission:
We are simply a dog and his driver honoring Fallen Heroes, Wounded Warriors, those serving now, and those who served. We are not a non-profit entity. Your sponsorship is not tax deductible, but it will probably be taxable to my driver. My driver will be keeping records of sponsorship and expenditures.

I will be listing sponsors on my Supporters page. I will not show the amounts. Sponsors will be shown in order of receipt.

Corporate sponsorship is welcomed. If your company sponsors us, we can add your company logo and/or link to our Supporters page, if requested. Please email the logo and URL to

The cut-off date to be listed on my Supporters page is Sunday, 1 May 2011.

If we receive more support than we need, we will use those funds for activities such as future missions, possibly self-publishing a pawtobiography book in the future and/or a series of children's books based on my adventures (to be written by my friends Judy and Angie), or distributing the funds to one or more organizations we support.

If my driver receives an employment offer before we depart and cannot negotiate a start date to be after this mission or we have to cancel this ride for any reason, then we will return any funds, gas cards, etc provided to us -- so, it's important that we have your postal/mailing address and email address, just in case. If my driver becomes employed before this mission, we will postpone this Memorial Ride until 2012, after my driver has enough vacation accrued.
If you cannot sponsor us financially, that's perfectly OK.
You can help by doing any or all of the following:
Chewy & Butch Ewing
P.O. Box 46
Kipling, NC 27543
If we receive a lot of sponsorship and there are other riders who start with us in North Carolina, we will share the support with them.
Support us through comments and encouragement
on Facebook and ask your friends to "Like" my
Fan Page
If you prefer, you can sponsor us and mail a check - made out to L. E. (Butch) Ewing.
If you mail a check, we will likely receive it after we return, so we will use it for future missions.
Mailing address: