6th Annual USO Freedom Ride
Raleigh, NC
10 September 2011
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"Stand" courtesy of Mike Corrado

On 10 September 2011, the USO of North Carolina held its 6th Annual Freedom Ride in Raleigh, NC. The ride started and ended at Ray Price Harley-Davidson.

Several law enforcement departments supported this USO fund raiser, to include Wake County Sheriffs, Harnett County Sheriffs, Coats Police, Lillington Police, and Apex Police.

Rolling Thunder NC4 planned and led the ride on behalf of the USO.

Brittany York, Miss North Carolina USA, also supported the USO at this event. (A few weeks earlier, we had the honor of meeting Ms. York in Winston-Salem when she and I attended an event at the request of the USO. I brought my driver along to that event.)

The USO had treats waiting for me: a bag of Greenies and a package of Nylabones (bacon flavor -- my favorite)! That was very thoughtful of them. They provide refreshments to our military men and women, and now I know what it feels like to receive refreshments from them.

My driver estimates that we lost over 400 photos and lots of videos on this ride due to a memory card that went bad, but we were able to salvage some video clips. A link to the photo album is below.
God Bless Our Fallen Heroes, those serving now, those who served, our allies, the USO, and the USO volunteers.
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Link to Photo Album
Brittany York (Miss North Carolina USA) helped me out. A friend of my driver's grandson had a school project (I think he is in the 4th grade). The project was to take pictures of "Flat Stanley" at various locations over a week. It's cool that this child can say that Miss North Carolina helped him with his school project.

We met Brittany a few weeks ago at an event in Winston-Salem, NC. The USO asked Miss York and me to be part of the opening ceremony.

Two paws up to Brittany!
A few of the volunteers from Rolling Thunder NC4
I spent a few moments in silence with Christi, the Gold Star Mother of Adam K. Ginnett, TSgt, USAF, KIA 19 January 2010, Afghanistan.

In August 2011, I rode in the IronButt (Charlie Mike 2 -- 1,000 miles in 24 hours) with Christi and her husband, Jim. During our Ride Across America in May 2011, Thomas Sanders, my driver, and I were in Ft Walton Beach the day Christ and Jim were there for the EOD memorial ceremony. We arrived in Florida several hours after the ceremony ended, but were where there in thought.

God bless our Fallen Heroes, those serving now, those who served, and our allies.
Flags at half staff for 9/11
Wreath Ceremony
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