Team Brady
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation
Ride for Kids
Asheville, NC
28 August 2011
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Team Brady consists primarily of friends of Brady, Raleigh HOG and Statesville HOG.

Brady is a 5 year old boy. Last year, he was undergoing chemo and could not participate. My driver promised that if Brady was going to be at the event this year, we would make every effort to attend.

With tropical storm conditions from Hurricane Irene, my driver and I departed on Saturday to link up with Raleigh HOG near Asheville. We attended the Grand Opening of Harley-Davidson of Asheville. While there, I let my driver loose from the leash so I could go into the woods for a few minutes. When I came out of the woods, I couldn't find him. I got a little muddy, but I went into the dealership to tell people I lost my driver. When my driver showed up, he told me I was going to get a bath. Keith Zionts suggested taking me to the Bikini Bike Wash, which they did.

"Love of the Father," graphite 412
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At the PBTF event, the kids are called "Stars."
Listen to Brady's interview on stage.
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