I love riding my Harley! This was my first YouTube (public) video.

I am a border collie mix adopted from the SPCA in 2004. I ride with groups such as Raleigh HOG, Patriot Guard Riders, Christian Motorcyclists Association, and Rolling Thunder. I participate in benefit and awareness events such as Susan G. Komen (Breast Cancer), Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, USO, military-related organizations, Duke Children's Hospital, Border Collie Rescue, and others.


"High on the HOG" is courtesy of MeanStreet Riders.

As a result of this video, I met and rode with the MeanStreet Riders and they made me an honorary member of their band.

Click on the MeanStreet Riders logo in the upper right of this page to visit their website. If you visit their website, check out their Open Road Network.

"High on the Hog"
July 2010
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