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On Day 1 of our mission (May 10), we thought our transmission failed at the intersection of US-19 and US-60 near Hico, WV. (It turned out that we had a drive belt and sprocket problem.) Craig, my driver and I spent the night in Summersville, WV, which was well short of our May 10 destination of Lexington, KY. The next day, Craig continued the mission after my driver and I ensured Craig that we were OK and we were working a couple of ideas to get our Harley to Ray Price Harley-Davidson in Raleigh, NC. In military fashion, Craig continued after knowing we were OK. We were honored and happy that Craig continued on, and we were very disappointed that our mission ended. Because of my age, this was probably the last time I would be able to handle a cross-country mission trip. Regardless of Craig's destinations, we are following him on Facebook.

On the next few pages are a few photos from Craig...
Chewy's Last Ride Across the USA
May 2014
This is the cover to my Gold Star Roster. Craig has one of the Rosters.
Craig Hardy continues the mission...
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