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On January 22, 2011, elements of the XVIII Airborne Corps, Ft Bragg, NC continued deploying for Operation New Dawn.

This is a tribute video to the men and women in uniform who are defending our nation, AND to the families who endure the separations during deployment.

Members of the Operation Helping Hands for Heroes, Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (NC 15-1), Patriot Guard Riders, Rolling Thunder, American Legion Riders, and Blue Knights had the honor of standing for these brave soldiers AND their families in appreciation of their service to our nation. Americans expressed their appreciation to the soldiers AND their families by standing in a flag line.

MG Rodney Anderson (two star general), Deputy Commanding General of the XVIII Airborne Corps, was present to support the soldiers and their families.

Photos by Dee James, Cindy Lou Williams, and my driver.

"Garry Owen", The US Army Strings (Public Domain);
"American Soldier," James Bolton (Creative Commons).

God bless our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, their families, those who served, and our allies.
XVIII Airborne Corps
Operation New Dawn
Ft Bragg, NC
22 January 2011