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Wreaths Across America occurs on the second Sunday of December in every state, Puerto Rico, and 24 cemeteries overseas. It was formed as an extension of the Arlington Wreath Project, which started in 1992.

This is a video tribute of the Wreaths Across America occuring at Sandhills National Cemetery, Fayetteville / Ft Bragg, North Carolina.

On December 11, 2010, Boy Scouts loaded a truck with wreaths near Cameron / Sanford, NC. Chewy (Biker Dog) and his driver rode with the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA NC 15-1) to escort the wreaths, Gold Star Mothers, and Blue Star Mothers to Sandhills, where members of the Patriot Guard Riders and other organizations and volunteers met us.

Many thanks to the Harnett County Sheriffs Department for providing an escort for the wreaths.

The background music in this video is from the US Army Band, US Army Strings, US Army Quintet, and the US Army Field Band and Soldiers' Chorus. Using music from a military band seemed appropriate. Since Chewy's driver is an Army veteran, he leaned towards the Army band.

God bless our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who have gone before us, and God bless those who are serving now and who have served.
Wreaths Across America
Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery
Spring Lake, NC
December 11, 2010