On March 17-18, 2012, Flags for Fallen Military (FFFM) honored and remembered Scott G. Badgley, Master Sergeant, US Marine Corps who died on May 9, 2009 while in service to our country. FFFM installed a flag pole and held a ceremony at the home of Scott's parents in Kannapolis, NC.

Thank you to Lowe's, Ramsey St, Fayetteville, NC for providing the flag pole, flag, and installation supplies. Your support of Flags for Fallen Military is truly appreciated, and we respect Lowe's for honoring our Fallen Heroes.

Music: "I Can Only Imagine," Ivan Parker (via YouTube Editor)

Photos and videos provided by:
Paula Schronce
Mike "Krzywuf" Wilson
Jo Warren
Thomas "G.E." Sanders
My driver

God bless our Fallen Heroes, their families, those serving now, those who served, and our allies.
Scott G. Badgley
Master Sergeant
United States Marine Corps

Died May 9, 2009 while in service to our country

Flags for Fallen Military
17-18 March 2012
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