Rudolph "Rudy" Hendrix
US Air Force Veteran
Retired Law Enforcement Officer,
Prince William County, Virginia
6 March 2014

Honored and Remembered
at his Wake and Funeral
8-9 March 2014
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Rudy was called Home by God, and he left us suddenly.

My driver and I rode thousands of miles with Rudy. We first met Rudy and Marshal Gator on Charlie Mike II, which was a SaddleSore 1,000 event certified by the IronButt Association and executed by Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association NC 15-1.

God bless Rudy, his family and his friends.

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At Rudy Hendrix’s Wake on Saturday night, I was honored to meet many of Rudy’s family. They all knew me, so it appears that Rudy told LOTS of people about me. Among many of the family members, I met two of Rudy’s nieces – one at the wake and another at the funeral. I let them mount my Harley for photos after the funeral service. Here’s the story on the dog tags one of Rudy’s nieces are holding. Both of those tags were with me when I rode across the USA in honor of Fallen Heroes in May 2012. One of those dog tags says “Warrior for Christ”. The other is my mission dog tag. I only had about 150 or so (I can't rebark the exact number of the mission dog tags made). Those mission dog tags went to Gold Star Mothers and to my mission sponsors. On March 2, Rudy messaged me after I posted the video of me looking at the Kipling Cross when we drove by. He said he had some American color crosses and that I could have one. I barked it over with my driver and since Rudy is a brother IronButter, we decided that the next time we saw Rudy, we would give him one of the few “Warrior for Christ” dog tags we still have from our May 2012 ride across the USA in exchange for one of Rudy’s crosses. After we learned that Rudy went to Heaven, I barked it over with my driver and we were going to leave the dog tag on his casket, along with my mission dog tag from May 2012 (it’s the last one I have). Rudy (along with countless veterans, PGR members, and Blue Knights members) would understand the meaning of those tags and respect why those tags travelled across the USA. After the funeral service, my driver knelt with me on the ground about 50 feet from Rudy’s casket. After the family members moved away from the chairs, we were going to quietly leave the tags on Rudy's casket. But, after kneeling and saying a quick prayer, my driver said he felt we were supposed to give it to someone, but he didn’t know who. As we walked towards Rudy’s casket, I pulled my driver toward Rudy’s young niece we met at the wake, and my driver realized that her Uncle Rudy would have wanted her to have them. We gave the tags to her.