Ride Across America
Featuring "High on the Hog"
July 29, 2011
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An American mutt riding an American motorcycle driven by an
American veteran from “sea to shining sea” in honor and
remembrance of our Fallen Heroes.
Sit back and enjoy a music video with "High on the Hog" courtesy of the MeanStreet Riders and view photos of my Ride Across America. This is a short version of my ride. A longer version will be available in early August 2011. That version will feature seven songs from the MeanStreet Riders' debut album.

Why May? Our journey began after Passover and ended before Memorial Day. Lives were sacrificed for you. God gave His only Son so that you could have eternal life if you believe in His Son. Men and women sacrificed their lives for your freedom. Memorial Day was established to honor and remember those who gave their lives in service to our country.

I rode with a roster of American military men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we rode for ALL who sacrificed while serving, regardless of when and where. I wore with my white Gold Star bandana in honor of all mothers who lost a child while in service to our country. In addition to the roster of our Fallen Heroes, we also carried four flags:
     (1) Folded United States Flag
     (2) Christian Flag
     (3) Patriot Guard Riders Flag
     (4) Honor and Remember Flag

We thank those who supported us with sponsorship, prayers, and encouragement.

God Bless America, our Fallen Heroes, Gold Star Families, Wounded Warriors, those serving now, those who served, their families, and our allies.
In July and August 2011, the MeanStreet Riders are raising funds for a Press and Radio Campaign.

At their own expense, they put together a great album that is for anyone who loves the road, freedom, or even paving their own path. With the album created, they need to get the music out there and they need our help.

The song you hear on this music video ("High on the Hog") is the title song of their debut album.

What's in it for you? You can get a combination of great MeanStreet Riders music, merchandise, and other great perks. You also have the opportunity to share their great music with the world. The MeanStreet Riders and their fans care about real music, real people and real America.

I personally met and rode them, and my driver and I can state that the MeanStreet Riders are down-to-earth people who are just like you and me.

Click on their logo to the right to help them with their Radio and Press Campaign. You can scroll down to check out some photos and if you click on them, they will also take you to their Radio and Press Campaign.
Click on the logo to learn more about their Press and Radio Campaign, and to be part of their launch
If you've seen my helmet, then you've seen me sport the MeanStreet Riders logo on the front.
A picture of the cover of their debut album: "High on the Hog"
The MeanStreet Riders
Shannon, Christine, MeanStreet Mary, Dowlin, and me in Maggie Valley, NC in August 2010
Stopping for a break in
Luck, North Carolina.
Dowlin, Shannon, and me.
Scroll down to check out a little bit of the MeanStreet Riders' Radio and Press Campaign and to view photos.
I'm trying to look like a serious biker dog.
This photo was taken during on of the MeanStreet Riders' photo shoots while we visited them in Florida
After you enjoy the video, please click on the MeanStreet Riders logo to learn how you help them during their Radio and Press Campaign in July and August 2011.
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