On 2 June 2011, the Patriot Guard Riders and Rolling Thunder escorted James H. Graff, Captain, US Air Force, from Charlotte, NC to Greenville, SC.

Capt Graff was the pilot of a C-130 that went down in Vietnam on October 3, 1966. His remains were in a dark ravine for over 40 years.

On June 2, we escorted Capt Graff home. We also had the honor of meeting Capt Graff’s daughter and son-in-law.

You don't need to be a member of an organization or ride a motorcycle to honor and respect our Fallen Heroes, our men and women in uniform, and our veterans.
James H. Graff
United States Air Force
MIA/KIA in Vietnam, 3 Oct 1966
Remains Returned Home in
South Carolina on 2 June 2011
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