Charlie Mike Memorial Ride
Honoring Fallen Heroes and Veterans of the Korean War
Featuring Music from the
MeanStreet Riders
August 5-6, 2011
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Charlie Mike 2011 (CM2) was a totally pawsome success. CM2 departed the Harnett County Veterans Memorial in Lillington, NC a little after 11am on August 5, and returned to their starting point 24 hours later. This ride qualified the bikers for the IronButt Association's Saddlesore 1,000. This year, I think 32 bikes completed the ride. Last year, 14 bikes completed the ride in honor of the North Carolinians still listed as Missing in Action during the Vietnam War.

This was the second IronButt ride held by the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA) North Carolina Chapter 15-1.

Why is it called Charlie Mike? Charlie Mike is phonetic for the letters C and M. In military terms, it means "continue the mission."

"Where I Was Born" and "Rollin' On" courtesy of MeanStreet Riders.

Check out the MeanStreet Riders website and watch for merchandise as they become available.

For more of Chewy (Biker) Dog (road name "IronMutt")
If you've seen my helmet, then you've seen me sport the MeanStreet Riders logo on the front.
Check the MeanStreet Riders website for merchandise as they become available.
A picture of the cover of their debut album: "High on the Hog"
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