On January 23, 2011, a number of organizations had the honor and privilege of standing for and escorting Ben Perry, his family, and his friends at Zebulon Baptist Church, Zebulon, North Carolina. The following organizations where among those who had the honor of standing for Ben Perry and escorting him to his final resting place: Patriot Guard Riders, Rolling Thunder (NC4 & NC7), Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, Blue Knights, American Legion Riders.

Ben Perry served in World War II with the 78th Lightning Division. He was engaged in fierce combat in three major battles in the European Theater of Operations, including weeks in the freezing cold and snow at the Battle of the Bulge, earning three Bronze Stars. God Bless Ben Perry, his family, and his friends.

This video is intended to be a respectful tribute in honor of this WWII veteran.

(1) "The Call,” James Bolton (Creative Commons);
(2) “America,” US Army Brass Quintet (Public Domain);
(3) “Taps”, US Army Band (Public Domain).

We respect the privacy of the family and we make every effort to not photograph them during this difficult time.

Video with a date/time stamp is from "Chewy Cam", a camera mounted to my helmet.
Benny L. Perry
United States Army
Word War II
January 23, 2011
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