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Tongue in the Wind: Chewy's Pawtobiography
Chewy was a real dog who rode about 102,000 miles on a Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic during his lifetime. This book is written mostly from Chewy’s perspective, as “barktated” to me (his driver and dad). The stories of his adventures are true.
Book Status:
Dec 2, 2018: Published!
Chewy “barktated” articles for Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine from 2011 to 2015. The articles, like his social media page and this book, were written from Chewy’s perspective. Those articles became the basis for this collection of short stories. This book contains details that could not be included in the articles due to length.

Originally, this book was Chewy’s “pawtobiography” and was outlined chronologically. When Chewy collapsed in 2015, we stopped working on his draft manuscript. When Chewy passed in 2017, I was unsure about completing his book. About two and a half months after he passed, a Celebration of Life event was held at Freedom Biker Church in Clayton, North Carolina. Friends, Paula and Frank Schronce, videoed the Celebration. I listened to the audience’s reactions when I told of how God used Chewy to reach people and told them about a few of Chewy’s adventures. Afterwards, countless people told me that the stories should be in a movie or that I should write a book. Most people didn’t realize that the stories I told were already captured in this partially completed book when it was in draft form. Chewy's book is a tribute to how God used a dog, a motorcycle, and a broken man to reach people across the USA and around the world.
Link to tribute aired by WRAL (Raleigh, NC)
on the Tar Heel Traveler news segment
A few of Chewy's personal riding items displayed at Chewy's Celebration of Life.
(Photo by OB Jammer)
Chewy's urn
(Photo by OB Jammer)
Flower arrangement and combat boot from USO-NC
(Photo by OB Jammer)
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